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In Google on May 7, 2010 by Vivek Rp

Google Got A New Look For Its Search Engine !
Google Have Changed Its World Famous Search Engine Google.Com’s  Logo & Interface.
After more than 6 months of testing, Google’s new interface is finally available to everyone. The new UI is gradually rolled out on May 5 2010 and the changes are noticeable.

New Logo :
Google’s logo has vibrant colors, the search box is bigger and it now includes the search button, the links from the homepage are no longer underlined.
Google’s search results pages include a persistent sidebar that suggests specialized search engines, advanced filters and related searches. By default, Google only shows suggestions that are relevant to your query, but you can click on “more” to see other ways to refine the results.

New Interface (URL: : introduced the left sidebar in search in 2007, and now both Bing and Yahoo Search started using it. Google now adopted a similar layout to make search interfaces more consistent. “I don’t like jazz, because you never know what’s going to happen next,” said Google’s Marissa Mayer. “I’ve been calling this problem ‘user interface jazz.’ This result looks this way, and that result looks that way [something much different], and it really does slow you down.”

When you navigate from web search to Google Books search, from image search to Google News, the interface will be consistent and you may not even realize that you’re using a different search engine.

Sometimes, Google’s sidebar will also include a list of suggestions that are difficult to define. Google calls them “something different” and used to show this label: “not entirely unlike”. They’re actually similar queries generated using Google Squared.

Blog Search (URL : :
They Have Also Added A New Search On Google To Find Blogs & Blog Posts.

To hear more about our new design, check out this video:

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