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On June 11, it will be exactly five years since Michael Arrington hit the ‘Publish’ button and published the very first TechCrunch post (which was a brief profile of blog search engine Technorati, which Mike apparently labeled a real-time search engine at the time – what’s old is new again, right?).

TechCrunch want to celebrate fifth b’day with as many people as they can, across the globe. So they are using the new Meetup Everywhere platform that Scott Heiferman announced on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt last week to organize TechCrunch Meetups on June 11 all around the world.


So We Are Organizing TechCrunch Meetup In India’s IT Valley Bangalore On June 11th At Jaaga.In. We’re not only celebrating TechCrunch, but the last five years of the Web in general.
A lot has happened since June 2005, but the wheel keeps on turning, faster than ever. Sometimes, it’s good to take a breather, look back and celebrate, and then move on.
For More: & Please RSVP On Meetup.Com.
Twitter Hashtag : #tcblr

Quick Agenda : 
1) A Brief About TechCrunch
2) Introduction of Techies (Attendees) 
3) Discussion On Latest Technologies (iPad,HTML5,Chrome,Etc..) 
   Soon We Will Post Full Agenda.

Either way, we were pleasantly surprised to see how many people jumped on this. On May 28, we counted nearly 150 meetups planned in places like New York CitySan Francisco,LondonHyderabadBangaloreSeoulTel AvivJakarta and Sophia.

Just three days later, more than 100 were organized by readers and fans of TechCrunch all over the world, so its now at 262 and counting. Have fun on TechCrunch’s fifth birthday.

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