Vivek Rp – A Man With Ambitions!

Brief About Me
I Am Vivek Patil From Bangalore, India.
Working As Web Developer In My Own Company Oxi Technologies.
Contact : | +91-9945054415
Website : &
Follow Me :
Twitter :
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Long About Me :
Who I Am?

I am Vivek Patil aka Vivek Rp. Basically i am a Web Designer / Developer and running a innovative web designing company ‘Oxi Technologies’ .
We are a creative & innovative web designers & developers team .and i think i am the youngest developer in india/world 😉

Why I Started ? To satisfy my ambitions.
Yes, I am ambitious : respect and recognition are very important to me, and playing in public is what I sincerely enjoy.
To network – Establishing business connections And both blogging and social media networking help much.

About What ?
Of course i am blogging about all tech stuffs, web designing related post, web developing tips, all about new technologies, graphic designing tips, & even some personal things also, etc..

Lil bit more (orkut source):

Passions : All About Computer.
Languages i speak : Kannada; English; Hindi
Sports : Chess
Activities :
Books : The Wings Of Fire, Two States, My Text Books
Music : Michael Jackson (MJ), Justin Bieber,  Akon, 50 Cent, Fergie, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Sonu Nigam, A.R Rahman, Daddy Yankee, Ne-Yo, Usher, etc…
TV shows : MTV Rodies, Parwathi Parameshwara (kannada comedy), Tom & Jerry, Spiderman, kathon ke kiladi, Laughter Challenge, sari gama pa Etc..
Movies : This Is It – Michael Jackson, Spiderman, Hello, Anaconda (both), Harry Potter, 2012, Aptamitra, n All Vishnu Vardhan & MJ Movies.
Cuisines : Indian, Chinease
Interests : Computers, Web Design, Web Development, Animations,Chess, Graphic Design, etc..
Favourite Films:Mass (Telugu), Spiderman, Men In Black, Tomb Raider, etc…
Favourite Books:Wings of Fire, Apj Abdul Kalam, Harry Potter, Etc.
Favourite Quotations: Swami Vivekananda, Bill Gates, APJ Abdul Kalam,

BTW Thanks For Visiting My BLog.


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